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On The Two Towers you can choose from many races, each one thematic to the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Whether you choose to play as a Hobbit, a Dwarf, an Elf, a Dunedain, or even as an Uruk-hai, The Two Towers is sure to have a race which suits you.

The Free Races


The Sindar elves are the oldest and most noble race in Middle Earth. They tend to be taller and thinner than the Silvan elves, and are highly intelligent. They make excellent wizards and their agility allows them to be good thieves if they choose. Sindar characters start in the Grey Havens.


The Silvan elves are less noble and wise than the Sindar, but they are generally stronger and better in combat than their more magical relatives. They are still highly magical, and make excellent wizards and archers. Silvan characters start in the town of Rivendell.


The dwarves are a hearty race. Very strong and capable of taking a lot of punishment. They are neither agile nor coordinated, and can have a difficult time with magic. They make excellent warriors. Dwarf characters start in the town of Belegost.


The hobbit race, sometimes called halflings, are known for their quietness and ability to move around without being noticed. They are not very strong, but they are hearty. The hobbits are a simple race that doesn't understand much about the ways of magic. They make good thieves thanks to their high coordination. Hobbit characters start in the town of Bywater.


The Dunedain, or "men of the west", are a race of men descended from the Numenoreans. They are heartier than normal men having more constitution, but they are not often looked kindly upon by lesser men resulting in lower charisma. Dunedain characters start in the town of Bree.


The Eorling race are the descendants of Eorl. They are the horse-lords of Rohan. They are very coordinated, but are unskilled in any of the magical arts. Eorling characters start in the town of Adornas.


From the hills of Dunland come the Dunlendings. These wild men are in frequent conflict with the Eorlings who live in Rohan, and while not considered an evil race, they are easily spurred towards violence against their neighbors and are not counted among the allies of Gondor or the Elves. Their wild upbringing gives them a strength greater than normal men, however they are less agile. Dunlending characters start in the town of Druwaur.


Edain is Sindarin for "men". The Edain are considered the average race on The Two Towers. If you want to make a character that knows a little bit about a lot of different things, then this is your best choice. Edain are a good race for first timers, because you can test out lots of different things. Edain characters start in the town of Bree.

The Evil Races


Strong, tough, and able to withstand sunlight, the Uruk-hai are a breed of orcs bred to be the leaders. The Uruk-hai are cunning, and have free will unlike slave orcs, although their intelligence is still far beneath that of men. Uruk-hai characters start in the caves of Turseg.


The Haradrim are fierce tribesman from the land of Harad. They are strong and agile, and have learned to tame the towering Oliphaunts (called Mûmakil by the men of Gondor). They are excellent riders, archers, and warriors. Haradrim characters start in the town of Tavorus.


The Easterlings are men who live beyond the sea of Rhun as wandering hunters. Easterlings are strong and hearty and make excellent warriors. Easterling characters start just outside of the town of Tavorus.


The Black Númenorians are men from Númenor, like the Dunedain. Unlike their brethren, they are evil to the core and serve Sauron openly. Their noblility gives them a great intelligence. They make great necromancers. Númenorian characters start in the town of Azrakadar.


The Variag are a mysterious people from the far-off land of Khand. They are extremely agile and coordinated, making excellent archers and thieves. They are not known for their strength or intelligence. Variag characters start in the town of Asubuhi.

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