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The Two Towers, an online game set in Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'
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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Luiniel the sindar Blunder (Moral)(free)
Urho Silkbeard the dwarf Preacher (Hand of Mahal)(free)
Bjorn Ironside the eorling Chieftan (Raiding)(free)
Lunasik the dunlending Son Of the Holy Doom(free)
Grundal Underwood the dwarf Honey Hoarder(free)
Fatale the dunlending Lost Cause (Spiraling)(free)
Petrus Israelsson, the eorling Marshal and Uncle of the Mark(free)
Lungorthin, Balrog of Angband(Maia)
Total users:8
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