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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Thoth the dwarf Runt (Impartial)(free)
Leenz the hobbit Scrapper (Moral)(free)
Lorendriel the sindar Spark (Angelic)(free)
York the sindar Spark (Impartial)(free)
Mardan the silvan Skirmisher (Moral)(free)
Fingondor Ciryamo the silvan Thaladur en Arnediad Laeg(free)
Kubla Bèár the sindar Ithron Angren(free)
Sarok the uruk-hai Dark Guard(evil)
Morgam the silvan Convey of Demise(free)
Fieron Goldbeard the dwarf Lord(free)
Lucky the dwarf wins the T2T FFL Keeper Trophy 66% of the time(free)
Neth Annatar the uruk-hai Lich (Unhallowed)(evil)
Wotan is from all the uruk-hai the First Grand Alchemist [100](evil)
Montog Smash the uruk-hai Beast of the East(evil)
Hiral Hóron the edain Archmage (Moral)(guildmaster)
Ithildras the silvan battle-leader(guildmaster)
Adunazon the dunedain Lord of the Last Day(guildmaster)
Varkhor the uruk-hai Warg Rider(guildmaster)
Total users:18
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