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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Weslocke the numenorean Mistake(evil)
Menelwen Silverleaf the silvan Pathfinder (Angelic)(free)
Valdimor the dunedain Scout (Angelic)(free)
Neotriger the eorling Veteran (Angelic)(free)
Omriel the silvan Weaponsmaster (Heroic)(free)
Miliana the hobbit Master Ranger (Hand of Eru)(free)
Alycone the dunedain Warmonger (Shadowspawn of Mordor)(evil)
Relez the dunedain Warrior of the Fellowship(free)
Fieron Goldbeard the dwarf Miner (Azanulbizarizer)(free)
Miliken Maleficus the dwarf Battlemage of Azanulbizar(free)
Nalthic Naakhûrz the dwarf Fist of Mahal (Azanulbizar)(free)
Rekkless Ahrmayk the dunedain battered knight (Angelic)(free)
Angril Earenlo the dunedain Sunset Warrior (Hand of Imrahil)(free)
Ungorane the dunedain Renegade(guildmaster)
Dringol the silvan Jewelsmith(guildmaster)
Total users:16
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