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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Makindi the silvan Greenhorn (Impartial)(free)
Shanequa the eorling Naturalist (Moral)(free)
Stanza the sindar Accepted (Moral)(free)
Toothpick the easterling Seeker(evil)
Oskar the dunlending Legionnaire (Heroic)(free)
Fenrir Aldhehrt the dunedain Fang (Angelic)(free)
Mesa the dwarf Scholar (Angelic)(free)
Arithon the dunlending Battle Lord (Immoral)(free)
Pew Pew Pew the dunedain True Shot (Villainous)(free)
Narn Stoneroot the dwarf Warlord (Angelic)(free)
Abar the eorling (free)
Lizbeth the dunlending Duchess of Druwaur(free)
Rusak Stormfist the dwarf Thunderstorm (Tempestuous)(free)
Belthazor Fuingor the dunlending Match Head of Dunland (spent)(free)
Guilt the dunlending Implacable(free)
Mithraen Ithronor the silvan Battlemage of Eregion(free)
Corin Haf-hand the dunlending Hash Slinging Slasher (Dunland)(free)
Thulin Ironfist the dwarf Battlesmith of the Iron Hills(free)
Sprotticus the dunlending Trap Lord of Dunland (Mobbin')(free)
Ronia Aiwetaro the dunedain Sparrow King(free)
Josi D. StonePipe the dwarf Pangur Ban is between the Dragon and the Smurfs(free)
Miliken Maleficus the dwarf Battlemage of Azanulbizar(free)
Mog the dwarf Flaming Moogle(free)
Saet Atanvardo, the dunedain | Knight Strategist...(Angelic)(free)
Olostar Hogan the uruk-hai Hulk(evil)
Nalthic Naakhûrz the dwarf Rym Eron Mahal (Azanulbizar)(free)
Melo HammerFist the dwarf Light of the Mine (Heroic)(free)
Kanex HammerFist the dwarf Rune-keeper(guildmaster)
Maedhros prepares your tricks and treats!(Maia)
Mog Fenrir Olostar Guilt Smaug Corin Rusak Arithon Maedhros(Overlord)
Total users:30
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