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Guilds are the social fabric of The Two Towers. A guild is a group of players joined together with a common theme. Joining together the guild gets a private communication channel and can purchase and upgrade a guildhall.

Within the guildhall, the GuildMaster can describe and populate the rooms themselves. Guild halls provide the members with a place to meet, sleep, and more. Guilds halls can provide services such as a shop, a library, a tavern, a mailroom, and a non-resetting armoury which can be used to store and share equipment. Guilds can also have a forge and re-forge found armour into armour which they have described themselves with their guild emblems or seals.

Guilds can form alliances with other guilds, and call upon their allies in need. Guilds can also declare hostilities, even war, with other guilds. The possibilities are limitless!

Guilds are formed by the players. Guild themes must be acceptable within Tolkien's world, and are subject to approval by the administration. Guilds must also maintain enough gold in their vault to pay a regular maintenance fee on their guildhall, and must have a minimum level of active members. New guilds first start out as clans, which have a private communication channel but cannot purchase a guildhall.

The Current List of Guilds
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