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The Two Towers is an online multi-player game, and the greatest benefit of being multi-player is that you can communicate with other players. We offer many ways to communicate so that each player can fully express themselves.

Communications to Players in the same Room


The backbone of communications is the say command. Beyond just saying the message to all in the room, the extended functionality on The Two Towers allows you to designate your manner of speech - you can speak slowly, or with remourse, or in any other method which you designate. You can speak in the common language which all players understand, or the language which your race was born with, or any language which you have learned.


If you don't want everyone to hear, you can whisper a message just to a single person. Keep your secrets, keep them safe.

Soul Emotes

Express yourself by describing your actions. Smile. Smile happily. Smile like the cat who ate the canary. Fully immerse yourself in the environment with as much or as little detail as you care to fill in. The built-in "soul" provides hundreds of built-in actions that allow you to express yourself.

Custom Emotes

If the built-in soul emote aren't expressive enough, you can make your own with the emote command. Limited only to your imagination!

Communications to Players anywhere in the World


With the tell command, you can send a message instantly to any player anywhere. Keep in constant contact with your friends and fellow adventurers, even if you get separated!


The Two Towers has a mail system built-in. Register for a mailbox in the town or city and you can send and receive mail to any other player who also has a mailbox.

Communication Lines

Using a communication line, or comm for short, you can send a message to an entire group of people at once. There are communication lines set up for the free races, and another for the evil races. Each clan and guild gets a private comm line as well. There is also a single mudwide comm for discussing general out-of-character issues with the entire community.

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