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War is raging on the Pelennor Fields, outside of the great city of Minas Tirith. If you are strong enough, the commanders of the Armies are looking for new commanders to lead their troops into battle... do you have what it takes?

Commanding an Army

Pick a Side

You can join either the armies of Gondor, or the armies of Mordor. To join, achieve the proper alignment locate the commander of the army. When you enlist you'll be given the lowest rank and some troops to take into battle.

Lead your Army to Battle

Lead your army out onto the battlefield against other armies, either player-controlled armies or computer-controlled armies. Use the proper battlefield manuevers at the right time to cause the maximum casualties on your enemies. Use the wrong manuevers and your enemy could gain the upper-hand.

Promotions to higher Ranks

Prove your leadership by defeating enough enemy armies and you may be eligible for promotion. With promotion to a higher rank you are able to lead larger armies into battle.

Your rank is displayed proudly to any player who looks at you, and achieving the highest rank is considered a great honour!

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