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Note  55  Osse         (02/28/23 10:14)  25th Annual T2T EVENT!

    Once again this year on March 15, we will launch our "EVENT"
celebration.  This year marks the 25th Event, which is the anniversary of
the release of Minas Tirith & the Pelennor Fields into the game on March
15, 1999.  As one of the few folks still active who was there the night
of the release (looking at you, Nyssa and Mortis), I can say that it is a
source of continual amazement to me that T2T is still here a quarter of a
century later.  We the admin and ainur hope that you will join us in the
celebration this year, and that we see many old friends and names popping
in to say hello.
    The Event will be open for an extended 5-day reboot period from March
15 until March 20th.  The exact timing will be clarified as we draw
nearer the date. 
Hope to see you there!
Osse, on behalf of T2T Admin and Valinor 

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