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Note  54  Osse         (01/09/23 06:06)  Mailbox Size Increase

We have implemented a change to increase max mailbox size for our
players. Going forward, all players will have a max mailbox storage
size of 250 messages. For every day of character age over 10 days,
you will get another 10 max messages, up to a maximum of 5000. When 
you enter the mailer in a post office, your max message storage will 
now be shown in the prompt, to eliminate guesswork.
Several new settings options have also been added to improve large
mailbox experience. See Section # 4 in the 'settings' menu for these
new settings.
Here are some examples of the new mailbox max size limits:
New chars under 10 days of age: 250
Char with 15 days of age: 300
Char with 50 days of age: 650
Char with 100 days of age: 1150
Char named Dringol: 3,980
This quality-of-life improvement is brought to you by the folks who
support T2T via our patreon account, which funds monthly hosting and
also server upgrades, such as the disk storage space it takes to allow
larger mailbox limits.
On behalf of the T2T Admin

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