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Note  57  Vildoran     (09/04/21 06:31)  Thank you!

Hey Arda,
Last night's launch for the Mirkwood Battleground went superbly!
I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the players that showed
up and participated, as well as all the Ainur that have made it
This project started as an excuse to create some overpowered
weapons, NPCs, and effects but over time it evolved into something
quite a bit bigger.  It was much more than I could ever hope
to finish on my own, and I'd like to specifically thank the following
Each of these people contributed significantly to the development
of this project.  Thank you all for your time, effort, and patience
as we have figured out how to develop something this large in the
'modern' age of T2T. And a special thanks to Osse for pushing me to
finally get this done and then Communicating it to everyone.
Thank you to all of the playtesters that have made it possible.  We
joked around about not being able to convince players to test the area,
but we remember all of the individual efforts over the past few years.
Something this big takes an entire group to test, and it was very
hard to coordinate that.  Many, many playtesters have spent dozens
of hours helping drive the creation of this content though, so again,
thank you so much for your help and contribution.
I look forward to the next project!

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