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Note  53  Osse         (09/01/21 11:14)  Pledge Drive Final & Trivia

We would like to give a giant thank you to everyone who supported the 
T2T pledge drive, and who took part in our trivia tournament celebration 
last night!
Angril was the winner of the 100-question trivia tournament, and 
our month-long pledge drive raised an impressive amount that will help 
fund advertising and website improvements for T2T. 
Be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter to get many more details 
about the pledge drive and trivia tournament.  We'll be sending the next 
one out in a week or two! Sign up here: http://t2tmud.org/newsletter
We also want to give special thanks to the players who donated gold 
towards the trivia tournament prize purse: Merys (on behalf of the 
Taril Haleth guild), an anonymous donor, Jumper, Sprotticus, Shu, 
Auri (on behalf of Lizbeth), Thelia and Esker. 
Osse and Vingilote
On behalf of the T2T Administration

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