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Note  53  Vingilote    (02/03/21 13:32)  Groundhog Day [maintenance

Citizens of Arda:
Yesterday in the transition from 2/2 to 2/3, the MUD experienced a
Groundhog Day phenomenon caused by reaching full disk space in the middle
of a backup.  This event caused widespread bugs throughout Arda,
affecting user and object save files and generating instability. 
We apologize for the inconvenience, but to fix this bug, we will be
forcing a reboot to revert the save files to the last stable backup,
which will likely resolve to the data at 02:00 on 2/2 or 02:00 on 2/3
mudtime.  We do not have a specific window yet as to when this reboot
will occur.
Please note that any information transmitted on the MUD in the time of
the instability, including law reports, mails, quest completions, board
posts, guild status changes, the garnering of gold, etc., will not have
happened, and you will need to proactively resubmit and/or redo these
items as needed.
We will provide an update once the situation has returned to normal.
Thank you for your patience,
*Update: Reposting this as the news post was, unsurprisingly, deleted as
part of reverting. The MUD has been reverted to the data backup saved on
Feb 2nd at 2AM EST.  All should be well now, but as always, if you
experience any bugs, submit a bug report. 

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