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Note  55  Vingilote    (05/03/20 19:33)  Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance: 
    On May 8th at 2PM EST (2PM mudtime) we will have a longer 
downtime than normal, expected to last 1-2 hours, while we upgrade 
essential server components, including a complete operating system 
upgrade and security patches.
    This upgrade will bring our software into the modern age, just 
as the last upgrade helped bring our hardware up to date.  Benefits 
resulting from this change include, but are not limited to, allowing 
the webclient to run without Flash and a greater ability for us to 
pursue creating a new website.
    Please note that this software upgrade does involve another 
change in servers.  As a result, it could take up to 24 hours 
for the DNS addressing to update with the new IP address.  If 
you experience connection issues after the maintenance window, 
please use:
Port: 9999 or 8080
    Once everything is up and running again, we'll send out an all 
clear on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter.  Thank you for preparing 
for this maintenance update.  Remember to "save"!
    This is all possible because of your donations, thank you!  
If you're interested in contributing, please consider our Patreon 
at https://www.patreon.com/t2tmud or read 'help donations'.

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