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Note  56  Vildoran     (10/31/18 09:40)  Harvest Time!

Hello Arda and Happy Halloween!
This year we've prepared a small event to celebrate Halloween and
the Fall season.  After the next reboot, you will be able to catch
a wagon to a small farm outside of Edoras.  Once there, there are a
few activities to try, including a new (safe) PVP area, mazes, and
This event will run through the month of November.  A lot of this
is brand new, and not as heavily tested as our normal releases, so
please submit bug reports if you encounter any problems.
Special thanks to the Ainur and mortals that have helped make this
    Vingilote Luthien Gimilkhad Arwen Welsh Mortis Esteban Sere
    (and all of the playtesters that helped ensure people don't die
    in the PVP area!)

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