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Note  54  Arwen        (01/20/14 03:12)  Comm Civility

Be reminded that the comm is not a place for racism or harassment.
While we have been remarkably lenient for the most part regarding the
former, matters have been getting out of hand in recent months. 
Further, harassment of individuals or groups in any form on the comm(s) 
will absolutely not be tolerated.  If you are consistently bashing 
someone on the comm(s), and it has already been made clear that that 
person is not comfortable with your actions, your ability to speak on 
the comm will be revoked for an increasingly long period of time 
depending on the degree of your recalcitrance.  Some may say, why not 
ignore the naysayers and call it a day?  Simply put, that course of 
action prejudices the wronged ratherthan the wrongdoers.
With all of the above in mind, consider yourself warned.  If you are 
in any doubt, "help comm policy" is self-explanatory.
Please, lets try to keep the comm civil and welcoming.

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