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Note  53  Arwen        (12/09/13 21:17)  PVP Flag Update

Hello Arda,
It has been some time since the removal of the "PVP Off" flag and we have
seen largely an increase in the amount of lawsys interactions (ie:
attempted murders, thefts, murders) without a similarly statistically
significant decrease in activity.
Based on (Or perhaps in spite of) the above observations, we have three 
main options moving forward:
(1) Keep flags as is and to retain the removal of the PVP Off flag
(2) Revert to the situation of having the Off, Merciful and On flags
(3) Remove PVP flags entirely and revert to pre-2011 PVP. 
We felt that option (2) would reduce gameplay options as compared to 
option (1) without any statistically meaningful benefit.  Further, post-
flag implementation, option (3) would not be received well by the segment
of the population that was supportive of the flag in the first place. 
As such, we felt that option (1) provided and will continue to provide
the best compromise in terms of providing extra gameplay options without
significantly disadvantaging those who do not wish to engage in PVP.  As
such, we will leave the PVP flag as is and will continue to look at 
methods to incentivise PVP and encourage people to have their flag on.

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