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Note  50  Arwen        (07/27/13 04:53)  The City in the Iron Hills

Hello Arda,
The Iron Hills, remnants of the Iron Mountains of the First Age 
and are located east of the Lonely Mountain in the northeastern 
part of Rhovanion and the northwest of Rhûn.  Within these hills, 
Grór established the Kingdom of the Dwarves, and it this city 
that is to be released at approximately 4pm mudtime on 27 July 
2013 after a pre-launch event.
When released, travellers may visit the city via travelto from
Erebor or by trekking through the plains of Rhûn.  To commemorate 
the launch of this city, we will be having an event at the said 
time, to allow a few intrepid adventurers early access to the 
treasures and perils that await in the city in the Iron Hills!
As always, enjoy your adventures on The Two Towers MUD!

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