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Note  60  Arwen        (07/22/13 14:20)  PVP Flag Update

Hello Arda,
After reviewing the state of PVP flags and the options available, 
the administration has decided to remove the "PVP Off" flag in 
order to encourage interaction between players. In other words,
everyone who is currently "PVP Off" will be switched to "PVP Merciful" 
and have no threat of death, and there will be no change to those 
who are already currently "PVP on". We understand that such a change
will have repercussions on the playstyles of a variety of players, 
however, we believe that this change is a good middle-ground for all 
The implementation of this change will occur 1 month from now and 
all players will be further warned a reboot prior to the implementation 
of this change. Further, we will carefully monitor statistics and 
activity over the 2 month period after the change, and will review 
the impact of the change after the test period with the full 
capability of reversing the change to the current status quo if 
need be.
Further, we are looking into incentivising the "PVP On" flag via 
various means without taking anything away from the people who are 
not "PVP On".  Feel free to submit any ideas you have in this area 
to us via mail or via IDEA reports.
For those who like questing and the like, we have been and will 
continue to work on dynamic, exciting, and thematic content that 
will challenge and puzzle the most intrepid of adventurers.
I am glad that many of you continue to love and enjoy playing here 
and we look forward to creating content that you can enjoy.

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