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Note  59  Arwen        (07/01/13 15:27)  Production Developments
Newsletter 1: 2013

Hello all,
As you may already know, I have taken over the role of Power of 
Production.  With this, we'd like to communicate development in a 
more transparent manner with mortals, so that you have something to 
look forward to.  In addition, we'll try to adhere to realistic 
development timelines in order to avoid disappointment.  That said,
we have exciting developments on the way for you all!
We feel that consistent activity comes with active PVP 
(player-v-player) and PVE (player-v-environment) content. As such, 
a concerted development plan would involve a two-pronged approach that 
will increase the activity in these two areas as well as allow some 
intermingling.  This concept will be explained further below.
1. PVP Flag Re-evaluation
The current implementation of PVP Flags is being re-evaluated for 
its effects on all aspects of the game, and it may or may not result 
in any changes.  Feel free to e-mail us suggestions and we will 
consider them all.
2. High Levels
In any game with no projected end, the concept of progression is 
important.  As such, we will be raising the level cap to level 23 
and including a quest that will allow players to attain this level. 
Further, new zones will be developed with challenges at the highest 
level to serve as "endgame" PVE content.
The challenges will be of the utmost difficulty in combat and 
puzzles and would require the very best gear.  The difference in 
HP and stats between a level 20 character and a level 22 one might 
just save your life!
3. Minas Morgul 3
To go with the increased level cap, the new zone will be in a 
lawless area, an expansion of Minas Morgul known as Minas Morgul 
Level 3.  This area will feature difficult encounters, huntbreaks 
and traps.  Further, FR and ER interaction will be encouraged with 
ERs given quest opportunities to disrupt FR quests in progress, 
making this area extremely hazardous.
4. Annuminas
However, to appeal to a broad playerbase, we will be developing 
content for mid-level players as well.  Annuminas, a place known 
for the plague that has haunted T2T players for years will be 
given a revamp with new quests and content!
5. Low-level development
In addition to high and mid-level development, we will also be 
developing a new series of quests for low levels to make the newbie 
experience less confusing and more engaging than the current grind. 
Characters encountered may also feature in higher level quests, 
encouraging continuity of the MUD experience.
In conjunction with this, West Arda gridrooms will be updated to
meet the high standards of our MUD and provide a better experience 
in general.
6. Ironhill City
Ironhill City has been in development for a long time now, and 
finally, we will be releasing it!  A number of innovative and 
exciting quests also await the hardy adventurer - dare you plunge 
into the dark tunnels of the Iron Hills?
The forging system which was to be released with the city is 
undergoing review and will be reworked and released separately from 
the release of the city proper.
Power of Production
Arwen Undómiel

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